Ugly Potato Day: Support Local Farmers and Food Banks with Ten Servings Co.

Are you looking for a way to support local farmers and food banks while also reducing food waste? Look no further than Ugly Potato Day, a unique initiative by Ten Servings Co. that aims to make a difference in the community. With every purchase, Ten Servings Co. donates 10 servings of ugly vegetables to food banks, helping those in need and curbing farm food waste.

What is Ugly Potato Day?

Ugly Potato Day is a special event organized by Ten Servings Co. to raise awareness about food waste and support local farmers. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the imperfect and misshapen vegetables that often go to waste simply because they do not meet the cosmetic standards of grocery stores. By purchasing products from Ten Servings Co. on Ugly Potato Day, you are not only getting high-quality produce but also making a positive impact on the environment and the community.

How does Ten Servings Co. Help?

Ten Servings Co. is committed to reducing food waste by sourcing ugly vegetables directly from local farmers and delivering them to food banks across the country. With each purchase, you are not only supporting sustainable agriculture but also helping to provide nutritious food to those in need. The company’s mission is to create a more sustainable food system while promoting social responsibility and community engagement.

Why should you support Ugly Potato Day?

Supporting Ugly Potato Day is a simple yet powerful way to make a difference in your community. By choosing to buy products from Ten Servings Co., you are supporting local farmers, reducing food waste, and helping those who are struggling with food insecurity. Additionally, you are getting fresh and nutritious produce that is not only good for you but also good for the planet.

How can you get involved?

Getting involved in Ugly Potato Day is easy. Simply visit the Ten Servings Co. website at and place an order for their products. Whether you are a gardener, a food enthusiast, or someone who simply cares about making a positive impact, Ugly Potato Day is a great opportunity to show your support for local farmers and food banks. Join the movement today and make a difference in your community.


Ugly Potato Day is more than just a day; it is a movement towards a more sustainable and equitable food system. By supporting Ten Servings Co. and their initiative, you are not only getting delicious produce but also contributing to a better future for all. Let’s come together to support local farmers, reduce food waste, and provide nutritious food to those in need. Join us on Ugly Potato Day and make a difference in your community.

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